As a person who has seen many old farmhouses in the Oldenburg region and also understands Low German, one sentence inspired me very much.

Dörte Hansen wrote in her novel Altes Land about the title of an old farmhouse: "Dit Huus is mien und doch nich mien, de no mi kummt, nennt' t ook noch sien" is written in Low German fittingly above the door - "Dies Haus ist mein und doch nicht mein, der nach mir kommt, nennt es auch noch sein".

I understand my task as a house manager in the same way.

Grown up in the region of South Oldenburg, I have been a Berliner by choice since 1987.

After studying political science, I worked as a GF in the field of facility management. I graduated as a real estate economist from the Academy of Management and Economics and am also a certified property manager and member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Property Manager Association.


I have been self-employed in property management since 1993 and thus have almost 30 years of practical experience in looking after properties, tenants and owners.

As a property manager, I focus on the complexity of this interplay of owner and tenant interests and the preservation of the value of their properties.

Management is not only the preparation of bills for operating costs and housing subsidies, but also the view of the people who are connected with the property.

The most important quality as a property manager is the ability to communicate appropriately. I benefit from being contact-oriented, mediating and proactive. Because I am aware of how important relationship and communication skills are, I have also completed a two-year coaching training, which benefits me in my work every day!


In the management of your property I am able to discover potentials and possibilities in an inspiration-oriented way, but I am also result-oriented in your sense.


In cooperation with owners, tenants and craftsmen I am characterized by reliability, credibility, honesty, but I am also ready for conflict where it is necessary.

I am characterized by a clear independence and incorruptibility and interested in the long term and sustainable care of owners and properties.

Your house thus also becomes "my house", for which I am prepared to take responsibility.

But not at any price. Apartment buildings live from a social structure in the city, pure profit maximization is not my goal.

When it comes to preserving the value of a property, I am not interested in cheap repairs and investments, but also have sustainability and quality in mind. With this, there are certainly cheaper property managers than me, because I have an appropriate price-performance ratio in mind.

I only work with reliable and trustworthy craftsmen and companies when it comes to repairs and investments in the property.

I understand a property as a temporary living space for the apartment owners and tenants. And a significant asset for the owners. It is about maintaining the value of the property, maintaining the value for the owners and it is about values and dignity for the tenants. For me, a property is a responsibility that spans generations.


I understand property management as a very complex process, which is more than just keeping records and writing letters.

I offer you a counterpart who represents your interests, but I am also argumentative when it comes to the values I stand for as a property manager. Therefore, for me a meeting is not only the inspection of a property but also a lasting contact with you as the owner. This cooperation must fit, therefore I am also ready to reject many offers or to forward them to competitors, if the chemistry should not be right.

If we should find a common basis, I look forward to a trustful cooperation with you for many years.




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