Our services are supported in law, because we

  • Comply with the German Residential Property Laws
  • check and negotiate property contracts
  • represent the requirements of the community in law
  • etc.

Our services are socially supportive, because we

  • regularly inform our customers
  • work closely together with management committees
  • provide advisory discussions on the premises
  • etc.

Our services are technical, because we

  • inspect properties and keep them in good condition
  • prepare management and refurbishment strategies
  • implement any warranty claims
  • etc.

Our services are commercial, because we

  • look after any payments for the communally shared property
  • draw up reports bookkeeping and annual accounts
  • develop plans to economise (including on building maintenance costs)
  • etc.

Residential property management

Many owners, many interests. We ensure that no-one is neglected in your property owners' association.
This means that we organise meetings and rapidly implement any decisions made. Are you looking for commercial, legal or technical advice? We can help you. To realise your goals we will also cooperate with recognised partner companies – including with architects, specialist experts and tradesmen's firms.



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